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Personal Tax and Planning

Our Services

  • RRSP withdrawal/ contribution planning

  • T1 tax preparation

  • Sole proprietorship bookkeeping and statement preparation

  • GST filing and consultation

  • Rental property bookkeeping and statement of income preparation

  • Tax implications of investments purchase and disposal

  • Clearance certificates on non-resident tax returns

Who Are We?

We are a team of Chartered Professional Accountants and Accountants eager to assist you in your personal tax return and tax planning. We strive to assist you in your personal tax return and ensure you feel as much as a part of the process as we are. We believe that no client is too small and that everyone deserves enough time and attention to fully understand their tax returns.

Allison Beswick.jpg

Allison Beswick

Partner CPA, CA


Norm Hildebrandt

Partner CPA, CA


Dane Soares

Partner CPA


Levi London

Senior Accountant,CPA

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